Develop new VINTARI power equipment!
and be the winner of

$ 25,000 USD *


Develop new VINTARI Power Teams*, for each Power Team that you have active at the end of each period during September, October and November you receive a participation.

All LIVs that achieve at least one active VINTARI Power Team, in any of the periods during September, October and November, will receive a VINTARI Special Edition KIT. **

The possible winners will be determined through a random dynamic to be carried out live during the VIVRI Open in December, to be transmitted through Facebook LIVE. The possible winners must pass a skill test via Contact Center and will receive their prizes during the month of December.


  • * Must be created with LIVs from VINTARI Memberships that may be newly incorporated or existing from past periods.
  • ** The VINTARI Special Edition KIT will include the 5 new individual oils.
  • Preferred Customers (Mexico) will not be taken into account for the formation of Power Teams.
  • The prize will be awarded in cash in your local currency.
  • To be a possible winner, you must maintain your VINTARI Autoship during the months of September, October, November and December.


  • This site is for the exclusive use of LIVs.
  • The result of each LIV depends on your skill and effort, VIVRI does not guarantee a specific income.
  • In this quarterly bonus, the established policy of “In case of being a creditor of more than one monthly bonus, you will be considered the winner only of the higher value bonus”.
  • Subject to change without notice and governed by the VIVRI & Me Compensation Plan.
  • Subject to compliance with the Code of Ethics LIV.
  • For more information, you can always contact your trusted LIV.
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