The Tops 25 LIV VINTARI of the month of September earn their direct pass to the Go Pro experience!


Be active as LIV VINTARI, and accumulate the highest amount of Personal Volume points and Level 1 Direct Activations, all in VINTARI Products and Activations.

The Top 25 winners will be determined according to the sum of Personal Volume plus volume from direct registrations Level 1 of the VINTARI Line.

Tiebreaker method: higher Personal Volume.


  • Only LIVs who have acquired VINTARI memberships participate, in any of the formats.
  • Participants must be active in Autoship with VINTARI Products the months of September and October 2020 to be winners.
  • Only points from VINTARI Products and Activations count, those from other product lines will not be counted.


  • This site is for the exclusive use of LIVs.
  • The result of each LIV depends on your skill and effort, VIVRI does not guarantee a specific income.
  • The established policy of “In the event of being a creditor of more than one monthly bonus, you will be considered the winner only of the highest value bonus” for this bonus.
  • Subject to change without notice and governed by the VIVRI & Me Compensation Plan.
  • Subject to compliance with the Code of Ethics LIV.
  • For more information, you can always contact your trusted LIV.
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