It is time to continue sharing and earning from home. Get the score required to participate * and make September a SPECTACULAR month!


  • 1 Totally New Mini Cooper (LIVs and Customers Participate)
  • 25 prizes for 1 week vacation in a Luxury Hotel *. (LIVs and Clients participate)
  • 25 prizes of $ 500 USD Prize awarded in cash in your local currency. (LIVs and Clients participate)
  • 500 prizes of $ 100 USD in VINTARI COUPON to use in products of our new Line of VINTARI Essential Oils. (LIVs and Clients participate)


1. AS LIV:
Receive a participation by generating 300 Personal Volume Points (PV) where 150 points or more must come from VIVRI and 150 points or more from VINTARI **. Receive additional shares for every 50 extra points you generate from VIVRI and every 50 extra points you generate from VINTARI. Entries valid for ALL the more than 500 Prizes.

** For LIVs and Clients from countries where VINTARI is not yet available, the 300 VP Points must be made with VIVRI products.

Receive one entry for each VIVRI Challenge registered and another for every 2 VINTARI Kits you buy in your LIV Online Store. Entries valid for ALL of the more than 500 prizes.

All new LIVs automatically have THREE entries to win one of more than 500 prizes. You, as a sponsor LIV, receive TWO for each VIVRI activation you do (regardless of format) or you receive THREE for each VINTARI activation you do (regardless of format).

The possible winners will be determined through a random dynamic to be carried out live during the VIVRI Open in October, to be broadcast through Facebook LIVE. The possible winners must pass a skill test via Contact Center and will receive their prizes during the month of October.


Prize awarded in cash in your local currency.
A total of 551 prizes will be distributed.
For the prize for the week of accommodation in a Luxury Hotel, each winner will be able to choose their country of travel, including their own country, choosing from the available options based on the agreements made with international and local tour operators.
Trips must be requested at least 120 days in advance according to the list of available options that includes 5-star, 4-star and 3-star hotels that you can consult in our Contact Center. Once booked, there can be no change of dates.
The trip is not transferable, it must be used by the winner.
The trip must be redeemed before September 30, 2021.
When requesting your reservation code you must pay a fee of $ 49.99 USD. This fee is not refundable and is lost in the case of “no show”. In the case of timely cancellations, according to the policies of the chosen hotel, the fee may be applied to another reservation.
The award includes only the lodging fee, the winner must cover the corresponding taxes and resort fees, if any, as well as travel expenses and additional consumption within the hotel and during their trip.
The VINTARI COUPON awards upon redemption will not generate Business Value points on the product purchased and will be valid for redemption until December 31, 2021.
The published images are merely illustrative.


  • This site is for the exclusive use of LIVs.
  • The result of each LIV depends on your skill and effort, VIVRI does not guarantee a specific income.
  • In case of being a creditor of more than one monthly bonus, you will be considered the winner only of the highest value bonus.
  • Subject to change without notice and governed by the VIVRI & Me Compensation Plan.
  • Subject to compliance with the Code of Ethics LIV.
  • For more information, you can always contact your trusted LIV.
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