VIVRI EXPLORE is a Grand Master Coaching that brings together our Top LIVs™ (Diamond Hearts) in the company of Daniel Chávez Saúl, VIVRI Founder & CEO, to share their knowledge and experiences of success to achieve impressive growth as LIV ™.



Top 250 LIVs receive:

  • General Access Go Pro Online.

Top 9 LIVs receive additional to their general admission:

  • VIP access to VIVRI World 2021.
  • Luxury VIP room for couples.

Top 25 VINTARI LIVs receive:

  • General Access Go Pro Online.
** If you do not have your monthly Autoship, the points made in that month will not be counted for qualification purposes to VIVRI Explore 2020. For all new LIVs, it applies from your first full month at VIVRI.
  • The manner in which the interaction would take place is the responsibility of the go pro event organizers.
  • Individual prizes and not exchangeable for money.
  • There will be no dynamic compression.
  • Minimum score to qualify 500 pts.
  • The final qualifiers will be those with the highest volume of accumulated points and who meet the minimum required.
  • Expenses not indicated are not included.
  • The published image is merely illustrative.
  • Event subject to the indications provided by the health authorities.
  • Subject to change without notice.