• Acquire an ENS (Essential Nutrition System) that includes everything you need to complete your 10-day VIVRI Challenge
  • Download the VIVRI Digital Diary and always have recipes, tips and all the information you need during your Challenge at hand.


  • Within 30 days of having purchased your SNE, you must start your Challenge by filling out the form that you will find in the link of the Virtual VIVRI Challenge that will be sent to you by mail every Monday.
  • To fill out the form, you need to have front and profile photos, the number of the order where you bought your SNE and a scale to take your weight.In the VIVRI Virtual Challenge email that you used to start, come the dates on which you can register your closing of the Challenge using the same link as at the beginning.
    Again you will need to fill out the form, but now with photos of the front, profile and scale of that same day.
    Before 30 days, the information you sent will be validated and you will be notified by mail who were the winners of the challenge in which you had to participate. You can also check the results at events

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